Here at Correia Masonry in Gloucester, we offer clients a huge range of building, groundworks and landscaping services.

During the summer months we find ourselves installing a lot of patios and pathways for customers, however when the winter months come many of our customers forget about the patios and don’t look after them properly.

Here are some great tips from Correia Masonry to help you look after your patio in the winter months.

  • Stop Cracks – Make sure you have the right drainage underneath your patio to allow water to drain away. A drainage gulley is the perfect means to drain water. It water gets underneath the paving stones it can freeze, expand and crack the stones.
  • Get Rid Of Moss – Moss can be extremely dangerous and slippery when wet. Remove moss with a blade where possible. Avoid using a pressure washer as moisture will encourage the moss to regrow! Moss grows in shaded areas so if you have plans shadowing mossed areas prune the plants.
  • Salt Your Stones – As well as helping stop slip accidents, salt also helps keep patio and paving stones drier helping prevent cracking. Please buy patio friendly salts where possible!

We hope these simple tips are helpful. If you need any further advise please don’t hesitate to contact us!

And remember if you need a patio repaired, or a new patio installed please contact Correia Masonry in Gloucester …. with great prices and excellent workmanship you won’t be disappointed!