Here at Correia Masonry in Gloucester we offer a huge range of building services, from new builds right through to general building and repair works.

When we talk to customers about new builds and extensions now, often the subject of ‘conservatories’ comes up and people ask our advice on whether they should include one within the design, and our advice is always recommend they consider why they want one.

We have seen so many people over the years with conservatories on their house, and they end up not being used because they are too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and they end up being a storage room or a place in the home people don’t use.

We now have the perfect solution for customers who have ‘waste of space’ conservatories, to reclaim this space and use it for living in once again …. with a simple job that won’t cost you a fortune.

We can tile the conservatory roof for you, adding insulation, a plastered ceiling and electric lighting turning the conservatory into a room with a stable temperature. Its a great way of adding to your all-year-round living space at home without major cost or disruption.

For more information about tiles roof conservatories in Gloucester please contact Correia Masonry.